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What is the current situation with electric cars? How It Works Magazine speaks to Ian Hobday, CEO of Liberty Electric cars

19th March 2014

How It Works speaks to CEO of Liberty Electric Cars and www.goingreen.co.uk Ian Hobday about the latest EV products and technologies.

Who are liberty and what are its aims?

Liberty Electric Cars have, in the UK, three fundamental parts to its business. We design and develop drivetrains for our own use and for clients including major OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We also take care of electric vehicles already in the market place and we own Going Green which is the largest retailer of electric cars in the UK and is famous for its G-Wiz.

How do your cars work?

A zero emission electric car is powered by a lithium battery. Lithium chemistry can range from low energy density to high energy density. Any fire risk will always be a factor of 10 less than a gasoline car due to lower energy density. This will catch up over time but the reality is, petrol cars are more dangerous than electric cars ever will be.

The battery pack takes electricity from the national grid and the best way to charge it is overnight. Energy is transferred to the motor by a sophisticated controlling system. This makes sure energy is given in the right quantity for the vehicle’s conditions. Torque is available from zero but a gearbox is located to help rev range performance and uphill demands. My personal belief is that today, electric cars are much more suited to business use than consumer use. Business use starts and ends at the same place everyday so charging is regular and frequent.

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Liberty Electric Cars has launched its widely acclaimed E-Care electric vehicles support program in France.

11th February 2014

Green Automotive Company (OTCQB: GACR), today announced that its UK subsidiary Liberty Electric Cars has launched its widely acclaimed program for the support of all types of electric vehicles known as Liberty E-Care in France.

Liberty pioneered the aftermarket care of electric vehicles with the introduction of its “E-Care” program in the UK in 2011. Initially looking after Modec electric trucks, it was quickly expanded to cover many other EVs including the G-Wiz, Ford Transit E-Connect, Citroen EV1, I-Moving range, and others.

Based around a combination of mobile technicians and back to base intervention, the E-Care team can repair almost any make of electric vehicle. Their work includes the refurbishment of EV batteries, which can extend the working life of the car, van or truck without incurring the cost of battery replacement.

The E-Care program has now been launched in France, headed by Simon Hedley and based just North of Paris. The launch customer is Deret Transporteur, a leading French transport and logistics company who pioneered the use of electric vans for inner city deliveries and signed a two-year support agreement with E-Care to provide back-up for their fleet of 52 Modec Electric Delivery vehicles. Other Modec users have also signed up, and Simon now expects to roll the program out to cover other makes and models of electric vehicles: “Since introducing E-Care, we’ve had a number of enquiries from other European countries to provide support, including Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Netherlands, and it seems our ability to refurbish key EV components like batteries is part of a winning formula across Europe” said Simon.

Ian Hobday, CEO of Green Automotive: “This is a first step to rolling out our E-Care program globally, in a demand led fashion. We do some pretty unique things in the world of EV repair, all of which helps reduce total cost of ownership. I’m sure that if our E-Care program works in the UK, France and other European countries then it must work globally. We expect to open E-Care in California shortly, leveraging the skills in our Newport Coachworks business, and providing a support structure for the sales of our E-Patriot electric shuttle bus.”

Press Release - GAC-ecare-service-program-france.pdf

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